Fun Food Downtown

Here are some indulgences for taking a break during the conference (or hanging out with colleagues at midnight – you know you want too!)

Denver now has a Pinkberry – the trendy yogurt place with exotic and interesting flavors. It is very close to the conference hotel, so check it out when you need a little break or “fun food”.

Pinkberry 16th Street Mall
1600 Glenarm Pl 130
Denver, CO 80202
P 303 592 7465
Sun – Thurs 11 AM – 11 PM
Fri + Sat 11 Am – 12 AM on 16th Street

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ( has high quality chocolates that you can buy by the pound so you can buy just one for your chocolate craving, or a bunch to take back home. (My weakness is their peanut butter chocolate sticks!)

There are two locations downtown.

Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory – in The Pavillions
500 16th St, Denver, Colorado – (303) 629-5500
(The Pavilions is a big outdoor mall complex on 16th Street that spans several blocks, you can’t miss it!). This is quite near the hotel.

Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory at Writer’s Square
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Writer’s Square, 1512 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 1-800-322-2854 or (local) 303-623-1887
This location is on the 16th Street Mall, right near the shuttle stop at 16th and Larimer, in Writer’s Square.

Sanfe Fe Cookie Co (aka “The Cookie Lady)
She is open from 10am to 3pm and has been called the “best secret cookie place in Denver.” Check out for more info and to see a photo.

The deal is, 3 great cookies for $1 on the honor system: just stick a buck in the bucket (or change on the counter). My friends say it’s “YUM!” and that the cookies go fast!

To get to the Cookie Lady in the Republic Plaza food court, you access the food court from the 16th Street Mall by walking down a set of stairs to access it (it is near a Starbucks – thought that doesn’t tell you much, since there are about 15 Starbucks downtown!). The Cookoie Lady is next to the card shop AvantCard.


Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen

Euclid Hall is in an historic building not far from the conference hotel and a favorite of Denver locals . You can walk to Larimer Square where it is located, or take the free 16th Street shuttle and then walk.

Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen
1317 14th Street
Historic Larimer Square
Denver, Colorado 80202
Tel: 303.595.4255

Colt & Gray Restaurant

This restaurant, Colt & Gray, comes highly recommended by Denver locals. You can take the free 16th Shuttle to the end, walk to Platte, and then walk over to 15th (short walk). This is also by REI which is also worth checking out (see related post here).

Colt & Gray
1553 Platte Street
Denver, CO 80202-6103

REI Denver Flagship Store

If you are at all into exploring the outdoors (and even if you are not), you will want to check out REI’s Denver Flagship store. It is three floors of outdoor gear and apparel housed in the historic and restored 1901 Denver Tramway building. It is a very cool place to visit, on the Platte River and near bike trails and with a great view of the city (and near a great lunch place, Mona’s).

You can get there by taking the free 16th Street Shuttle almost there and then walking down to Platte, and then over to 15th (or walk all the way up 15th if you are looking for more of a challenge).

REI Denver Flagship Store
1416 Platte St
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 756-3100
M-F 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

Café Options

This lunch spot is very near the conference hotel and an easy walk. Locals have raved about it being a special place for lunch that rivals chains in price, but surpasses them in every other way.

Café Options
1650 Curtis St
Denver, CO 80202-2046
(303) 573-0733

Tag Restaurant

This restaurant was recommended for inclusion on this site by Denver foodies who said great things about it. It is in the heart of LoDo at Larimer Square and is easily accessible from the conference hotel by walking.

TAG Restaurant
1441 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 303.996.9985

Mad Greens

There are two locations near the conference hotel of this refreshing lunch restaurant. They make salads to order as you watch. You can choose from their clever suggestions or create your own.

Mad Greens
1600 Stout Street
(16th and Stout – short walk from the hotel)
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (720) 468-4173
M-F 10-8:30
Sat-Sun 10-6

Mad Greens near the Denver Art Museum
(other direction from 16th Street Mall, very near Denver Art Museum)
1200 Acoma Street
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (720) 496-4158
M-F 10-6
Sat-Sun 10-6